30 Before 30

Today my amazing husband celebrates his 30th birthday. All while taking not one, but TWO new state bar exams, make his total THREE...as in THREE states he will be a barred attorney in. I am so proud. His birthday got me thinking about a list I wrote in Evernote, back in January. I promised myself that starting on my 29th birthday (which was 3 months ago), that I would try my best to complete 30 specific things before turning 30.  Now that my husband is 30, and I am only 9 months away from 30 (gasp!), I figured I would center this blog post around the theme, and really take some accountability.  All of these are not only doable, but small things that will make my immediate world a much happier place. 

1. Take a Knife Skills Class.

2. See the Eiffel Tower. (done!)

3. Read 10 new books.

4. Bake my Husband a Birthday Cake from Scratch. (this might be belated...)

5. Get back to a Regular Fitness Routine.

6. Help my Parents going on a trip Somewhere.

7. Get a Dog. (done...& she's amazing!)

8. Join a Young Professional/Networking Group.

9. Interview someone of interest.

10. Perfect Home-brewed Iced Coffee with my Husband. (he has this down, I on the other hand...)

11. Host a ladies only brunch or afternoon tea.

12. Perfect a go-to eye makeup routine and/or take time to put makeup on at home/not in car. (my friends will be grateful...)

13. Get a post/article featured on another blog or website.

14. Up twitter & insta followers.

15. Take a class or webinar on social media/building a brand, etc. 

16. Be more organized at work.

17. Learn some new cocktail recipes. 

18. Learn some new photography skills.

19. Hike more.

20. Learn some easy tips for calligraphy.

21. Complete a clean eating challenge.

22. Take more Wine Notes.

23. Make the Bed! 

24. Learn how to meditate. (Headspace is helping...)

25. Take more time to write down my thoughts.  Not necessarily a diary, but a way to calm my mind and let things go. (so necessary...)

26. Purchase some house plants and keep them alive.

27. Go tubing with friends down the Delaware.

28. Make at least 20 recipes from cookbooks I currently own.

29. Start business plan for one day boutique ownership.

30. Teach dog at least 3 new tricks (other than sit, shake, etc.)


Kerry Washington is a Boss

Being "a warrior" is a state of mind, and nobody does it better than Kerry Washington, aka Olivia Pope.  Her interview with Lena Dunham for the April issue of Marie Claire really struck a cord with me, especially her response to this question:

Lena Dunham: "What do you want to make very clear to your daughter as she grows up...?"

Kerry Washington: "I just want her to know that she's heard. Really heard, because I feel like that is what we all really want. When I think about any of the missteps in my life that I've made, all of which I'm grateful for, it's because I just so wanted to be truly seen and heard for who I am and was afraid I wasn't or wouldn't be. I see you, I'm with you as you are."



Read the entire Marie Claire article here

Insta Inspo

Scroll, scroll, scroll...stop. 

Scroll, scroll, scroll...stop. 

In the midst of #OOTDs and flat lays, through the thousands of Instagrams we scroll through on a daily basis, sometimes you happen to look down and you see the right affirmation, at exactly the right time. You know what I mean? It sounds absurd, but with the steady stream of pretty, well-coiffed images clogging our IG feeds (or at least mine), these inspirational words have been very relative over time. No complaints from this lady...or excuses.  Life is what you make of it. 

Be honest.

Love unconditionally.

Talk less, listen more.

Work hard.

Invest in yourself.

Do what you feel is right. 

Happy Spring!

We made it! Happy first day of Spring! 

May there be an abundance of sunny days, long walks, colorful clothing, warm breezes, al fresco dining, and flower shop hauls in your future. 

And now some Spring-ish behavior you should do...right this minute. 


DO: Surround Yourself With Beautiful Things. 

SS Print Shop's Stephanie Sterjovski at Home via The Everygirl 

SS Print Shop's Stephanie Sterjovski at Home via The Everygirl 

DO: Purchase a Pair of Gray Malin + Sperry and let the wanderlust begin. 


DO: Go For the Pastels. 

Stella McCartney #SS15

Stella McCartney #SS15

DO: ...a little Spring Cleaning. 

12 Pastel Decorating Tips via Brit + Co

12 Pastel Decorating Tips via Brit + Co

DO: Ditch the boots for some fancy flats. 

Michael Kors Kallie Lace Up Leather Flats

Michael Kors Kallie Lace Up Leather Flats

I Have a Thing for Marble

Speckles, streaks, and splotches, I have a huge thing for marble. If you peruse my Pinterest page, you'll notice the marble themed items on my Wish List are no coincidence. From accessories to home decor, what is it about marble that makes me feel so damn luxurious? 

Well, first off, the pattern is organic, already noticeable in nature. It gives off a high end vibe because it's clean, yet curvy, rich and architectural. 

Good materials lift us up, not weigh us down. Marble's moment is here, and I foresee a long love affair in my future.  Te amo. 


Favorites from Shopbop's BIG EVENT

I am a Shopbop girl through and through. Who doesn't love their speedy shipping and big orange envelopes? Their iPhone app is also one of my personal favorites. Easy to navigate and keeps your Wish List at the tip of your fingers. 

As you've probably heard, the BIG EVENT is here. This sale doesn't come around often so its key to take advantage. If you're not making some mucho purchases, the discount is minimal.  If I had it my way, I'd pick up these beauties and let someone else foot the bill. Aww yeah. Isn't that what husbands are for? 

1. Rag & Bone (digging the shape)

2. Saint Laurent (perfect for Parisian strolls)

3. Self Portrait (structured yet feminine)

4. DVF (the platform will never waiver)

5. White & Warren (airplane chic)

6. Milly (power skirt)