Lovely Links for Your Weekend

by Amanda

Happy Easter & Happy Passover! I plan to fully enjoy this weekend as the weather FINALLY warms up. May you spend it with the ones you love, and pay it forward...just because. 


and now some links for your viewing pleasure...


1. 13 Easy Microwave Mug Cakes that are all Grown Up via the kitchn.  

2. Why yes I did buy some goodies during the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale, including these super Summer-like white sandals from Dolce Vita. 

3. Yes, I am just finding out about Nine Space. What an awesome online shop for home textiles.

4. THIS Insta from Lulu Frost is just dreamy- love the nail color, love the midi rings, love it all.  

5. The Tory Burch Panama Sunglasses are at the top of my wish list for Summer (two-toned!).

6. This is What 100 Days of Happiness Looks Like via The Huffington Post.

7. Surprise Mom this Mother's Day with some lovely gift ideas from

8. IN LOVE with THIS DIY Gold Egg Shell Planter from the Say Yes blog. So creative! 

9. Dallas diva Courtney Kerr is teaming up with Gorjana to create a capsule surprise there.

10. ALEXANDER WANG + H&M (might have to take the day off for this one...).

Well...just because. 

Well...just because. 

Our City on a Hill

by Amanda

I love Boston. I love living here, I love the history, I love the walk-ability, I love its attitude, and I love its courage.

When I talk to others about our City on a Hill, I find myself constantly going back to Boston's integrity. Its completeness, its wholeness, yet its constant desire to be better for its people, yet not let go of its deep roots while doing so.

Living here has been an adventure, to say the least. To see the city constantly grow and change has been nothing but a privilege. Some old haunts will stay old haunts, shiny and new 'it' spots will come and go, and those with true 'integrity' will always make it through.

Boston, I love you. Thanks for being you.


For a hearty breakfast: The Friendly Toast

For homemade pasta like Mama makes: Al Dente

For a new do: Mop Hair Salon

For a strong cup of Jo (and possibly a delish cupcake): Crema Cafe

For an old school cocktail with the ladies: Highball Lounge 

For a special occasion (like an engagement!): Clio 

For that last minute birthday gift: Shake the Tree

For late night eats: Eastern Standard

For the Dive Bar of your dreams: Silvertone

For a Speakeasy that rivals the best of em: Brick & Mortar

For a neighborhood dinner with the gang: Coppa


Check out more of my recommendations here. 

Check out more of my recommendations here

Love, Austin

by Amanda

Austin, you are a blogger's dream! From the friendly folk, to the neon lights, the delicious food, and the vibrant scenery, every minute was spent enjoying all you have to offer. This was my first trip to the capital city, but will definitely not be my last! 

"Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word." --John Steinbeck

Just Because

by Amanda is important to surround yourself with pictures and little things that remind you to be happy

1. A "little" reminder I plan on keeping at my desk...from Sweet Peony Press via Etsy & the "Kiss + Tell" Necklace from Olive + Piper that is a dead ringer for the Lulu Frost I've been fawning over. 

2. SUPER Sunnies from the Saks Off the Fifth Outlet I SHOULD have purchased [buyer's regret]

3. Brunching in my hood at Puritan & Company

4. A Benefit Beauty vending machine makes for one happy traveler.